Chad media guide

A newspaper covering the funeral of the late Chadian president Idriss Deby in N'Djamena , 23 April 2021.
The authorities exercise control over media outlets [Getty Images]

Longstanding political repression has undermined critical and investigative reporting, access to information and civic freedoms.

The military rule that followed the sudden death in April 2021 of the veteran president, Idriss Déby Itno, was extended for two years in October 2022 by his son, Gen Mahamat Déby.

Hostility to public scrutiny and stringent rules for media professionals led the Washington-based Freedom House NGO to categorise Chad as "not free" in its 2023 annual report

Radio is the main source of information outside the capital N'Djamena. Several private TV stations have begun operating in the past decade.

Print media have limited circulation due to poor infrastructure and a lack of advertising revenue.

The popularity of online and social media is growing. Major news outlets and the state news agency run websites and have a social media presence, including on TikTok.

Although fake news and influence campaigns are not commonplace, Chad is vulnerable to information and public manipulation, sometimes arising from the regional activities of Russia's Wagner Group.

Rebel and militant groups operating in remote parts of Chad and in neighbouring states primarily use social media to publicise their activities.

Some 10 newspapers regularly publish, there are four privately-owned TV channels operate in the capital, and about 60 radio stations nationwide. The BBC (90.6) and Radio France Internationale broadcast on FM in the capital.

There were 2.2 million internet users by December 2021, comprising 13% of the population (



  • Tele-Tchad - state-owned

  • Electron TV - private

  • Al Nassour TV - private

  • Tchad 24 TV - private

  • Lale TC Tchad - private


  • Radio Chad - run by ONAMA, the National Office for Audiovisual Media, is the only outlet with national reach, broadcasting in French and Arabic. It is available on 94.5 FM in N'Djamena

  • Liberte FM - private, news and analysis

  • Al-Nasr - private, broadcasts primarily in Arabic

  • Al-Bassera FM - private, broadcasts in Arabic