Chanel is opening a beauty-themed pop-up ‘diner’ with no burgers or French fries

Chanel is opening a beauty-themed pop-up ‘diner’ with no burgers or French fries

Chanel is opening a pop-up American-style “diner” in Brooklyn, New York, complete with retro interiors and Chanel colour-coded treats.

But guests shouldn’t expect any classic diner dishes like pancakes or burgers at the French luxury fashion house’s Lucky Chance Diner. The pop-up will give the public a chance to experience the brand’s latest fragrance as it launches Chance Eau Fraîche, a scent created by in-house perfumer Olivier Pole.

The old-school, but luxuriously designed, diner will be open to the public from 8 to 10 September. It will be located in Brooklyn’s chic Williamsburg neighbourhood, which is known for boutiques and trendy cafes.

Chanel is inviting patrons to visit the diner, where they can go on a “personalised scent discovery” to explore its new fragrance free of charge. The pink-and-green themed space will feature Chanel’s recognisable round perfume bottles on every surface, along with matching dining booths, countertop seating, napkin holders, clocks and other paraphernalia bearing its signature logo.

According to the label, customers can also go into the back room of the diner and participate in interactive activities, such as selfies with a life-sized bottle of Chance perfume, “diner-inspired treats” and a fragrance window to purchase Chanel perfumes from.

The treats include ice cream, small bites and beverages, according to The Cut. However, customers will not be able to order any French fries at the fashion-forward diner.

Fans have expressed surprise and delight at the luxury brand’s pop-up, with one person writing on X/Twitter: “Chanel opening a diner wasn’t on my bingo list.”

Another joked: “What if we kissed in the Chanel beauty-themed diner? (No food, just perfume).”

Those who are keen to visit the diner can make a reservation, but walk-ins are also welcome. However, anyone trying to book a spot now may find it impossible, as one fan posted: “The Chanel diner pop-up in Brooklyn is indefinitely sold out [crying emojis].”