Charles Dance refuses to 'shy away' from COVID-19

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Charles Dance will not “shy away” from coronavirus.
The 75-year-old-actor felt “pretty s**” when he came down with the virus, but was “much worse” after receiving his first vaccination, and although he complies with social distancing measures, he’s not afraid to keep living his life.
He said: ““[Having COVID] was just like feeling s**t for a few days. I felt much worse after my first vaccination and the booster was a bit rough too. I do all the things you’re supposed to do, I don’t go around hugging and kissing people. But I’m a fatalist so I try to live with it, rather than shying away from it.”
The former ‘Crown’ star – who is engaged to film producer Alessandra Alma Masi and has three children from previous relationships – went on to claim that when he heard he was in the “vulnerable” category regarding the risk of COVID-19, he thought “they were talking about somebody else.”
He told The Times’ Weekend magazine: “When I heard ‘vulnerable’ I thought they were talking about somebody else. But all of us who are this sort of age think we’re still in our thirties. It’s only when you haul yourself out of bed in the morning you think, ‘Oh yes, now I know I’m not 30 anymore.”
However, the ‘Game of Thrones’ actor – whose shot to fame in the 1980s film ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ - went on to speak of his surprise at having a career resurgence in his latter years, noting that it is a “golden time” for the acting industry.
He said: “Beyond 60 is not the optimal age for an actor, but I’ve been quite lucky, I’ve done more work in the last couple of years than in the five years before that. It’s a golden time for the industry.”

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