Charli XCX is 'creative in quarantine'

Charli XCX is being "creative in quarantine".

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker has decided to self isolate and is using her time to be creative with her music and her songwriting skills.

She said: "So I've been thinking about how to be creative in quarantine. A few of my frequent collaborators are currently experiencing symptoms of the virus and we've canceled a lot of our session plans for this week in order to give them to rest and to prevent the virus from spreading further. This self-quarantine is coming at a time where I was almost finished with the writing process of my next album. I had one song left to write and then it was all about finishing and production and artwork etc. obviously things have slowed now but I do feel excited to wrap this up and be releasing new music soon, of course only when it's ready."

And the 27-year-old singer also opened up about her upcoming house.

She added in her lengthy social media post: "What can I tell you about this album.... well, there are less collaborations, Chris and I have been talking about reuniting (alongside someone else), it has felt very quick to make, AG [Cook] is involved, I want it to be quite short in comparison to CHARLI, there are a lot of songs about sex and physicality."

Meanwhile, Charli previously revealed she wants to encourage her fans to "be themselves".

She said: "I didn't get into music to be a role model, but obviously I understand that it comes with the territory.

"I think wherever possible I always try and encourage my fans or people who follow me to be themselves just as I am. I am myself and I am a human who makes mistakes and I think that's one thing that I hope they take away from me as an artist. I think there needs to be a level of forgiveness in life that I feel doesn't really exist anymore."