Charlie Hunnam falls in love every time he sees his partner

Charlie Hunnam falls in love with his partner every time he sees her.

The 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' star admits he is not great at staying in contact with his partner of 15 years, Morgana McNelis, when he is away for work but when he sees her again, they fall back in love.

He said: "A successful relationship requires a lot of hard work and tenacity. Morgana and I don't do a great job of staying in contact when we're apart, but because we've been together for so long, there's a lot of trust. We go and do our thing and then we come back, show each other what we've learnt and fall in love again."

The 39-year-old actor also admitted to experiencing a "true existential crisis" when he was out of work.

He said: "The greatest challenge for most actors is how they face the time between jobs. I've had periods where I haven't worked for two years and, after a while, I would find myself in true existential crisis."

However, things are going great for the 'Lost City of Z' star at the moment and he's been super busy - although the "intense" work has left him feeling "like a foreigner in his own life".

Speaking to The Times magazine, he added: "I've only spent about two months out of the past two years in LA. I've been working a lot, often doing 100 hours a week recently. After four months of working in quite an intense way, I return home and feel like a foreigner in my own life."