Chase Sui Wonders loves playing 'off-kilter characters'

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Chase Sui Wonders loves playing "a flawed girl".
The 26-year-old actress - who is dating comedian Pete Davidson - has revealed that she's keen to turn the "cool girl" trope on its head, as she looks forward to the next chapter of her career.
Chase - who starred as Riley in the HBO Max series 'Generation' - told NYLON magazine: "I want to continue crafting these roles where women are one degree off, or they’re a little off-kilter, or they’re not perfectly charming. I love a flawed girl."
Asked how she would describe herself, Chase replied: "I’m very present. I’m funny. I’m always doing bits.
"I’m always in the riff zone, which can be frustrating to some who don’t want to enter the riff zone at certain times. I like to put on a show. I like to bring the fun."
Chase's career has really taken off in recent years, and the actress appreciates having strong support from Pete, 29.
The movie star likened their high-profile romance to a "video game", admitting that she initially found the attention to be "super disorienting".
She shared: "We talk about everything, and we are very open with each other about everything, and it feels like what’s happening in our relationship is very sacred.
"The first initial shock was super disorienting, but after that it just becomes ... it’s like a video game. It feels like another weird player came into the video game."
Despite this, Chase insists that her "life hasn’t changed that much" in recent years.
The actress - who started dating Pete in late 2022, after starring alongside him in the comedy-horror film 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' - explained: "I feel like I’m still on my own path. My life hasn’t changed that much."