Cheaper drugs for cancer, kidney disease patients

Australians with endometrial cancer or chronic kidney disease will benefit from new government subsides for key drugs.

Dostarlimab, which is used in combination with chemotherapy to treat endometrial cancer, and Difelikefalin, which is offered to Australians undergoing haemodialysis who experience itching, will both be added to the Pharamceutical Benefits Scheme from May 1.

Health Minister Mark Butler says this will aid about 3000 patients across the country.

"These listings represent new hope and help for many Australians," he said.

Without the subsidy, the 200 women who use the cancer treatment could otherwise pay more than $139,000 for each course of treatment.

"The listing ... will give Australian women battling endometrial cancer another tool to fight their horrible disease," Mr Butler said.

Australians with advanced chronic kidney disease undergoing haemodialysis can experience pruritus, a form of moderate-to-severe itching which can negatively impact sleep, mood and quality of life and is associated with infections and increased mortality.

Without the listing of Difelikefalin, these patients could spend $7200 a year.

From May, they will pay a maximum of $31.60 per script or $7.70 with a concession card.