Chechen special forces bear the brunt of fighting in Russia's war against Ukraine - British intelligence

Chechen fighters
Chechen fighters

Chechen special forces are main task force on the front lines of Russia's war against Ukraine, while Chechens also continue to conduct logistical operations in rear lines, stated British Ministry of Defense intelligence report on X on May 7.

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In addition to providing personnel, Chechnya's other key contribution to Russia's war against Ukraine is training of Russian personnel.

Intelligence officers added that, according to Chechen leadership, since 2022, about 42.000 Russian servicemen have been trained at Russian Special Forces University in Gudermes, Chechnya.

However, it is likely that personnel receive only 10 days of training at the university, which calls into question effectiveness of training and institution itself.

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Chechen troops have been fighting against Ukraine since 2014. Additional Chechen formations were sent to Ukraine at the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, but after suffering first significant losses, they were largely reduced to rear guard operations.

After Wagner's PMC withdrew from the front line in May 2023, Chechen units returned to active service.

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