Check which party could win in your constituency after last YouGov projection before polling day

The last major YouGov poll before the general election puts Labour on course for a major victory, scooping up 431 seats and a majority of 212.

It would be the greatest number of seats in the party's history, surpassing even the 419 won under Tony Blair in the 1997 Labour landslide.

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If this and other similar polls are accurate, it suggests the Tories' share of seats will plummet - from the 365 they won in 2019 to 102 this time around.

Ed Davey's Liberal Democrats are projected to get 72 seats, higher than their previous peak of 62 in 2005 under Charles Kennedy.

Here you can check which party would win in your constituency if the YouGov projection is right:

Pollster YouGov interviewed 42,758 GB voters from 19 June to 2 July.

It used the MRP technique - a type of poll that pundits eye closely because it draws from such large amounts of data, and aims to predict which party will win in every single parliamentary seat.

This is YouGov's final call of the election, and the projected majority for Labour is a central estimate that they believe could range from 132 to 282.