Can you see what's wrong with this snap?

Team Be

An innocent holiday snap has been raising eyebrows on Reddit for a very cheeky reason.

At first glance, the image appears to show a man lying legs spread and stark naked.

But it's actually not as naughty as you think.

What did you see at first? Photo: Imgur

Look a little closer and you'll see that he’s actually wearing pants (phew) and it’s his girlfriend’s legs lying over the top of his that create an awkward optical illusion.

Not to mention his very strategically placed fingers. So, did you get fooled?
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This image of a woman standing against a wall has also gone viral for a very rude reason.

Can you spot what's wrong with this viral image? Photo: Imgur

It all looks innocent enough at first, but a trick of the light sees the shadow around the woman's knees looks suspiciously like an exaggerated male body part.

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