Chef José Andrés Just Launched A Bold New Project & Fans Are Eating It Up

Chef José Andrés Just Launched A Bold New Project & Fans Are Eating It Up

If you've ever found yourself in a new city, stomach grumbling, with wayyy too many dining options to choose from, you may have thought to yourself, "Where would Chef José Andrés eat?"

Now, thanks to an exciting, new project from the chef and humanitarian, you don't have to wonder any longer.

Chef Andrés just announced the launch of The Chef's List, a curated guide to his favorite places in the world for food, drinks, and other experiences. The Chef's List include personal selections from the celebrity chef as well as recommendations from the likes of Eva Longoria and Marcus Samuelsson. Fans will also be able to share their favorite spots once they sign up for The Chef's List.

"People always ask me where to eat and drink when they visit Barcelona or Washington DC or Los Angeles or Puerto Rico…and so many places close to my heart. So I’m introducing you to The Chef’s List, a new way to share with you all of my favorite places to visit in the world…for food, for drinks, for experiences," Chef Andrés wrote in an Instagram caption.

Fans have already expressed their enthusiasm for the project, which launched today with Chef Andrés' culinary guide to Barcelona, Spain.

"Sir you are one of the most innovative people in the world. Thank you for all you do!!" one fan declared.

"Amazing! I’m so here for this!" said another Instagram user.

We're so onboard with this. Who else is signing up for The Chef's List ASAP?

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