Cher reveals what she'll NEVER give up as she heads into her 80s

Cher has vowed to keep wearing jeans and having long hair into her 80s.
The 'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer "can't believe" she's 77 now but insisted getting older doesn't mean she needs to change her signature style.
Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', she said: "I remember when my friend Paulette and I were talking about when we were going to cut our hair and stop wearing jeans.
"I can’t believe I will be 80 at some point, sooner than I wish.
"And I will still be wearing my jeans and I will still be wearing long hair."
As well as having "amazing" genes, Cher credits her youthful appearance to staying on top of trends and socialising with a variety of ages.
She said: "Genes in my family are pretty amazing.
"I don’t know if not feeling old makes you younger. I’m not sure. I keep up with the trends and I have lots of young friends.
"I have old friends too. Honestly, I’m not trying to feel young, I’m not trying to be young, I am what I am, whatever that means."
The 'Believe' hitmaker insisted in May she found it "ridiculous" that she had turned 77 because she didn't feel old at all.
She tweeted: "Ok, Will Someone PLEASE Tell me…..When Will I Feel OLD. This is ridiculous. I keep hearing these numbers, but I Honestly can’t understand them.(sic)"
But Cher also admitted she was struggling with some of the hashtags used on the microblogging site.
She wrote: "WHATS THE DEAL WITH #’s!? I’m dyslexic + #’s Are hard 4 me. Thank u for staying, I know it’s been hard. Got to go work out. Twitter is harder for me than TweetBot.(sic)"