Cheryl Tweedy hated pregnancy

Cheryl Tweedy "hated" being pregnant.

The former Girls Aloud singer stayed out of the spotlight while she was carrying her and partner Liam Payne's son Bear - who was born in March - and though she "didn't enjoy" that part of her life, she adores motherhood and couldn't be happier with her family unit.

She admitted: "It changes your life completely but in the most amazing way. But I've had the best six months of my life. Really.

"I hated being pregnant. A lot of stuff went on and I just didn't enjoy it...

"I didn't stop for 14 years -- literally on the roller coaster. And then when I got pregnant I thought, 'Right, I just don't need this stress.' So I relaxed."

And the 34-year-old singer thinks the break did her good because she's feeling refreshed and ready to get back into public life.

She added to The Sun newspaper: "It's been actually over a year but it's been perfect for me because it's reset the mind-frame. And I feel actually better coming back. I feel more relaxed, I just feel I've sat into my own skin. I feel so good."

Liam previously admitted Cheryl had chosen Bear's name, and she thinks it is "only fair" that she had the final say.

She said: "We carry them for the nine months, we give birth to them and I think it's only fair -- but we did have a discussion, like lengthy. He didn't have a name for, like, seven weeks...

"I always loved the name. And the midwife always used to come in when he was little -- he used to, like, grunt -- and used to go, 'There's the little bear, there's the little bear.' And it stuck. It's just his name and I wanted a unique name."

The 'Only Human' singer insists she and "wonderful" Liam aren't planning any other children just yet but she'd like to have another in the future.

She said: "I have no plans for two at the moment but I think maybe one day. It's so lovely. And I grew up with siblings."