Cheryl wants boundaries with next boyfriend

Cheryl will insist on clearer boundaries with her next boyfriend.
The 35-year-old singer - who split from partner Liam Payne after two years last summer and was previously married to Ashley Cole and Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini - revealed the lessons she's learned from her past relationships, but admitted she isn't ready for more romance just yet.
She's quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column as saying: "I'm not there [yet] mentally but the next time, for me, it's boundaries about what you are willing to accept in a relationship."
The pop star added that she wants to focus on her two-year-old Bear - whom she shares with ex Liam - at the moment rather than searching for a new man.
Asked if she's looking for love, she simply said: "I'm not - I've got my baby."
Cheryl made her return to the music scene in the last several months with the releases of her singles 'Love Made Me Do It' last November and 'Let You' in May, the first tracks she has brought out since becoming a mother in 2017.
And she recently revealed she has been playing Bear her new songs and if they don't get him dancing then she knows they're not right.
She explained: "He is the bop-master. If he doesn't bop we don't release. No pressure, son! He's a better dancer than I am. He gets down. He's such a cool little dancer."
Due to the fact both of his parents are pop stars, the 'Parachute' hitmaker is convinced that his future lies in the family business.
She added: "I think maybe something to do musically. He's definitely got music in his bones."
Bear already has a playlist of his favourite tunes but the song he has had on repeat the most isn't one of his mother's.
When asked what Bear's best loved songs are, Cheryl shared: "Of mine? He loves 'Love Made Me Do It' ... His favourite song for ages was 'Girls Like You' with Maroon 5 and Cardi B. And when it got to the Cardi B rap part he does all this stuff with his hands. He would play it over and over and wait for the Cardi B rap moment just to do his actions."