Chilean shamed over 'worst dive of all time'

Chilean shamed over 'worst dive of all time'

The term 'worst dive of all time' gets thrown about a lot but a football player in Chile has absolutely claimed the mantle with a shameful match-winning act.

Universidad de Concepcion forward Jean Meneses went to ground in the Chilean Primera Division with one of the most blatant pieces of play-acting ever seen in a football match.

Worse still, the laughable dive in Colo Colo's penalty area resulted in the awarding of a spot-kick that Meneses side would convert to snatch a 2-1 win.

Fans have already branded Meneses the 'Chilean Danny Welbeck' in reference to the Arsenal star's equally disgraceful piece of simulation in the Europa League victory over AC Milan.

Sure, the Gunners' forward's theatrics were bad but they pale in comparison to his Chilean counterpart.

Meneses was arguably guilty of a foul himself when he pushed his defender over the by-line as both men went in to win the same ball.

The Concepcion forward gathered the loose ball, looked up to see where he was going to pass, before stopping and launching himself onto the ground with absolutely no contact.

Meneses saw the desperate leg of his opponent sweep across the turf in an effort to regather the football but despite it missing absolutely everything, took it as an opportunity to con the referee.