Chinese man separated from birth parents at age 3 reunites with them after 12-year search


Gouming Martens, a Chinese-born Dutch man, reunited with his biological mother after 28 years that included a 12-year search. The Ph.D. graduate was separated from his parents at the age of 3 during a trip in 1994.

  • Adoption and breakthrough: Martens, who was sent to an orphanage after getting lost, was adopted by Dutch couple Jozef and Maria Martens in 1996. As an adult, he set out to find his biological roots. Last October, DNA testing confirmed his match with his birth mother, Wen Xurong. His father, Gao Xianjun, died in 2009.

  • Reunion: Martens, whom his parents knew as Gao Yang, reunited with his mother and half-siblings in Sichuan province during the Spring Festival in February. He also visited his late father’s grave in Jiangsu province, where his uncle handed him funds saved for him over the years.

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