Chinese student discovered secretly living under mall's stairs for 6 months


A Chinese student managed to evade paying rent by secretly living under the stairs in a Shanghai mall for six months.

His living space: The student, whose identity remains undisclosed, set up a living space with amenities like an ergonomic chair, tent, mattress, table and a computer. He used an inverter to generate electricity for his devices, occasionally leaving to charge them at the mall’s outlets.

Being found and arrested: He was initially discovered by a security guard who allowed him to stay after he explained his need for a place to study. The guard had expected him to leave after the exams. According to The Beijing Times, he was studying for the highly competitive gaokao exams, which are the national undergraduate admission tests in China.

However, the student remained in the space after the exams and was eventually arrested on Oct. 30 after another less sympathetic guard found his hidden abode.

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Netizen reactions: The student’s decision to live in the mall remains unclear. However, Shanghai is known for its high living costs and ranks as one of the most expensive cities globally.

Netizens expressed admiration for the boy, praising the free benefits and cost-effectiveness of his arrangement.

Others also called for empathy, recognizing the immense pressure students face, particularly regarding the gaokao exams. The incident underscores the competitive nature of education in China, with students resorting to innovative solutions for optimal study environments. This reflects broader societal pressures associated with educational success in the nation.

Trending on NextShark: Chinese student discovered secretly living under mall's stairs for 6 months

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