Chloe Sevigny envies 'nine-to-fivers'

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Chloe Sevigny envies "nine-to-fivers".
The 'Girl from Plainville' actress feels guilty that her work as an actress can keep her away from her two-year-old son Vanya - who she has with husband Sinisa Mackovic - for long periods of time, and though she acknowledged she's "very privileged", she often wishes she had more of a regular routine.
She said: “I could cry just thinking about the fact that I’m a damn actress and my career has to pay our mortgage.
“I mean, I can’t complain. I’m very privileged, but there is something enviable about the nine-to-fivers when you have a kid. I’m trying to navigate the mum guilt, but it’s pretty daunting."
The 47-year-old star never stops worrying about her son.
She admitted to The Sunday Times magazine: "I haven’t been for a massage in two years and when I go on the table I’m instantly thinking, 'Oh my God, is he OK? Has he fallen over? Is he going to be hit by a car?'
"My friends are, like, ‘This worrying isn’t helping any of us, Chloë.’ "
Chloe also worries about Vanja growing up in the social media age and how to keep him "safe" from it.
While the 'American Psycho' actress appreciates that Instagram allows her to "control" her own image, she's wary of the age of the influencer.
She said: “The underground was something that I cherished with pride — it represented something.
“I remember saying, ‘If I ever appear in People magazine, I’m going to quit acting.’ I was frustrated doing magazine shoots back in the day and them having to put advertisers’ clothes on me. Now influencers want to wear advertisers’ clothes to make money on their Instagram. It’s such a different landscape. How does one identify as alternative in this wash?
"Maybe I’m just old, I don’t know.”