Chris Hemsworth's 'tone-deaf' plane post with daughter causes backlash

Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth's first class plane post has irked a number of fans.

Chris Hemsworth's latest post has faced backlash, with fans calling the Australian actor ‘utterly tone-deaf’ for sharing a video of his daughter in her First Class seat on a plane.

The 40-year-old Thor actor uploaded footage to his Instagram account showing his 11-year-old daughter, India Rose, all tucked up under a blanket as she sprawled out in her massive seat with a pair of noise-canceling headphones on.

Chris Hemsworth in First Class on a plane
Chris Hemsworth posted a video from First Class. Photo: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth

The camera then pans to what she’s watching on the huge screen in front of her - her dad’s film, Thor: Ragnarok.

“I swear it was her choice #familyloyalty,” Chris captioned the video.


While many fans loved the fact that Chris’ daughter had chosen to watch her dad while she was flying across the world, others couldn't look past the size of the First Class cabin.

Chris Hemsworth's daughter India Rose in First Class on a plane
His 11-year-old daughter was all tucked up watching TV. Photo: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth
Thor: Ragnarok on the screen on First Class on the plane
India Rose was watching Thor: Ragnarok. Photo: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth

“Your daughter choosing daddy’s movie on her massive first class seat? Cute. The fact that almost none of your fans will ever even come close to flying in a seat like that and you don’t even realize that… utterly tone-deaf (sic),” one fan wrote.

Another agreed, saying: “May she never know the inhumane conditions and human misery of present day economy class.”

“I’m wondering if CH posts these videos to just make more millions or if he is just like in your face suckers,” another person wrote.

Others stuck up for the actor, saying that ‘he earned it’ and ‘let his family enjoy it’.

“Truth be told, if I could afford first class, I’d sure as hell wouldn’t be putting my kids in economy. Am I envious? Of course, am I surprised? Not at all,” one person wrote.

“People getting triggered Chris’s family flying first class … if you could do the same you would … good on ya mate!,” another person said.

“This is so cool! I haven't seen the interior of first class before #goals,” a fan wrote.

What is Chris Hemsworth's net worth

Celebrity Net Worth has reported that the Hollywood star is worth a whopping US $130million.

Chris began his acting career here in Australia with a recurring role on the hit soap Home and Away before his breakout role in Marvel’s Thor.

He has since gone on to star in multiple movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as lead roles in Extraction, Men in Black: International and Ghostbusters.

The movie star also has a successful fitness app, Centr, under his business belt.

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