Chris Hughes is allergic to Radox shower gel

Chris Hughes looks like a "spotty lobster" after revealing he is allergic to Radox shower gel.

The 27-year-old reality star had an allergic reaction to the shower product that left him looking like the sea creature.

He took to Twitter on Thursday (02.01.20) to ask his 500,000 followers for advice, writing: "Would love to know what it is in Radox shower gels that gives me a reaction."

Fans were quick to hand out their thoughts on the shower gel as many have also ended up with an allergic reaction.

One fan replied: "Most likely the fragrance as all other ingredients are very commonly used in most other shower gels."

Whilst another narrowed it down to the ingredient sodium hydroxide.

They tweeted: "Snap....Burns my hairline around my forehead if it makes contact. #mybetiscausticsoda (sic)"

Unfortunately for the former 'Love Island' star, this is not the first time he has come up in spots after using Radox.

He continued: "Happened before, should have known better. I look like a spotty lobster (sic)"

Meanwhile, the shower gel isn't the only thing that has got Chris weeping as he previously broke down as he praised his "strong" girlfriend Jesy Nelson.

He felt "overwhelmed" the Little Mix singer was by the response to her documentary 'Odd One Out' - in which she spoke candidly about the cruel online comments she's received and their impact over the years - and grew emotional as he spoke about her ordeal.

He said: "She was completely overwhelmed. She rang me bless her 10 minutes after it aired. She was so overwhelmed, she just broke down on the phone to me. She's a strong girl now."