Chris Noth won't update statment on assault allegations: 'I’ll let the chips fall where they may'

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Chris Noth will “let the chips fall where they may” after denying the sexual assault allegations against him.
The 67-year-old actor has been accused of various forms of misconduct and assault by four separate women, two of which came forward with their allegations after Noth had already issued a statement denying the claims of the first two women.
But after the fourth woman made her allegations public this week, Chris has said he is sticking by his previous statement and won’t be making any new comments.
He told paparazzi while walking in his neighbourhood in Massachusetts: “You have my statement, right? My statement is out, I rest by my statement. I’ll now let the chips fall where they may. My statement is my statement, that’s all I can give.”
Noth was first accused by a woman who claimed he had "raped her from behind" in 2004 when she was just 22, while the second woman claimed she was 25 and had had a dinner date with the actor in New York before he allegedly assaulted her.
The ‘Sex and the City’ actor was then accused of “acting inappropriately” toward actress Zoe Lister-Jones when they both worked on ‘Law & Order’.
And Noth’s most recent accuser, singer Lisa Gentile, alleged the actor had “sexually victimised” her in 2002 by kissing her and touching her breasts against her will.
In Noth’s original statement about the allegations, he said the claims were “categorically false” and insisted he “did not assault these women”.
He said: "The accusations against me made by individuals I met years, even decades, ago are categorically false.
"These stories could've been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago — no always means no — that is a line I did not cross. It's difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out. I don't know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women."

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