Chris Pratt 'astounded' by Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Chris Pratt's wife "astounds" him.
The 42-year-old actor is in awe of Katherine Schwarzenegger and the way she has been "kicking butt" at parenthood since welcoming their second daughter, Eloise, into the world two months ago.
Asked how Katherine is, Chris - who also has 10-year-old Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris, and 23-month-old Lyla with his spouse - told E! News she is "doing fantastic".
He added: "She's a great mom. She astounds me. She's incredible."
The 'Terminal List' actor previously admitted he is guided by his wife when it comes to raising their daughters.
He said: "Katherine just has the most amazing maternal instincts. She just really knows what to do. I’ll follow her lead."
Chris is a hands-on dad and doesn't mind getting to grips with diapers.
The 'Jurassic World: Dominion' star joked: "Luckily they smell worse than dino droppings, but they're much smaller. They are much more manageable."
But the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actor admitted fatherhood has taken a toll on his waistline because he can't help but tuck into his children's leftovers.
He said: "Lately I've been eating a lot of pizza and everything off my kids' plates.
"I cook them lunch and they only eat half and I think ‘Well, calories don't count if it was on their plate.' It's a lot of chicken nuggets and fries and tater tots.
"I stopped being on camera when I wrapped 'Guardians 3' a few weeks ago.
"I tried my suit on today and I was like ‘I don't know if this thing's going to fit anymore.'"
Chris has also praised his son for how well he has adjusted to being a big brother.
He said: "There's a big age separation... [and] he does a great job, he's so sweet with them, and they love him so much and they miss him when he's gone."

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