Chrishell Stause and G Flip keen to have kids

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Chrishell Stause's partner G Flip sees the pair having children in the future.
The 'Selling Sunset' star - who hasn't defined her own sexuality - has embarked on a new relationship with the 27-year-old non-binary singer, and the Australian music star has said starting a family is on the cards for the loved-up couple.
Speaking on the 'PEOPLE Every Day' podcast, they said: “I definitely see children in my future."
G Flip says the reality star making their relationship public on the hit Netflix series is a big deal, as it helps to "normalise" same-sex couples having babies.
They said: “I feel like it honestly like changes the world and it normalises same-sex relationships.
“Two people who have the same sex organs can still have children.”
G Flip gushed that they see the smitten couple being together "forever".
They added: “Right now, me and Chrishell know where we are in the stages of our lives. And we’re very transparent about that. I’ve always loved kids and yeah, definitely one day that’ll be in the future.
“I’m very fortunate to have her in my life. We both feel like we’ll be in each other’s life forever. We have like a very strong connection that you don’t find every day."
Chrishell recently gushed that there is already a "deep connection" between them.
She explained: "With G, I wish we were in the same stage of our lives. That doesn't diminish the deep connection we have made. And the way they have opened my eyes to what it could look like.
"I don't know what it would look like, but I'll attribute the fact I have so many more options."
The 40-year-old realtor also reflected on the end of her romance with The Oppenheim Group founder and boss Jason Oppenheim and insisted the breakup "doesn't diminish" their love for each other.
She said: "I feel like Jason and I, we genuinely want the best for each other. I know he didn’t have someone to speak about that he’s dating, but that doesn’t mean his not living his best life."
Chrishell also added how she is aiming to help those "open to learning" about same-sex relationships and gender identities.
She wrote: "For those that are open to learning (you're awesome) sex is anatomical and gender is how someone identifies. These two are often confused.
"There are many more qualified people to speak on this but maybe I can be the bridge to those of you open to understanding."

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