Chrissy Teigen has 'more energy' during self-isolation

Chrissy Teigen has "more energy" than ever during self-isolation.

The 34-year-old model and her husband John Legend have been spending time at home with their two children - Luna, three, and Miles, 22 months - amid the coronavirus pandemic, and although many people are finding self-isolation and social distancing to be mentally draining, Chrissy couldn't be happier to be staying indoors.

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres for an episode of her eponymously titled talk show - which was filmed from her home, and on which Chrissy appeared via video link - the 'Chrissy's Court' star said: "It's weird how much more energy I have. I feel like a real housewife now, because I spent three hours on my makeup, did nothing to my hair but I'm pretending that it's just casual.

"You go through these ups and downs. What we're going through right now is unprecedented, it's unreal.

"Obviously it's just the most unreal situation ever but we're holding up high."

During the coronavirus pandemic, Chrissy and John have temporarily relocated to a house by the beach, in order to try and make self-isolation easier on their children.

When asked how he keeps his kids happy whilst stuck indoors, John said: "Well, we rented a house on the beach because we figured it'd be easier to entertain them with the beach here. We're just trying to find stuff to do all the time. You don't realise how hard it is to figure it out until you're thrown in this situation where you just got to be creative."

The tots have been sent "little activities" by their school to keep them busy, which the 'All of Me' hitmaker praised as being a huge help.

John, 41, added: "Our school has been helpful.They've been sending us little activities to do and even the music teacher from the school sent little songs and things for them to do on their Instagram page. We're just trying to find little activities that'll keep them entertained."