Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Just Hosted The Most Hilarious Wedding At Their House

Katie O'Malley
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While the rest of us were catching up on Netflix’s Tiger King over the weekend, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were hosting a wedding.

On Sunday, the famous couple dressed up in their best Covid-19 attire (ie. dressing gowns) to throw the outdoor wedding (of dreams?) for two of their daughter Luna’s stuffed animals named Chloe and Nosh.

‘We're running a little bit behind on the wedding, the bride is freaking out,’ Teigen said in an Instagram Story from her home’s balcony overlooking the sea.

‘It looks like 10 o'clock is an ambitious time, it'll be on at 10:30, we're going to try to get her out there but right now, she's not in a good place.’

While the model ‘calmed’ the bride’s nerves, her daughter and husband set up the aisle for the toys.

Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen - Instagram

The nuptials began at 10.30am, with Luna walking down the aisle with the lovebirds. The couple's son Miles was also in attendance at the special occasion.

‘I don't know how many of you have attended a wedding between two stuffed animals but what I've found is that they're everlasting,’ the mother-of-two shared as the ceremony began.

‘Thank you for gathering here today on this very special day... well-deserved in what has become 26 weeks of an incredible relationship,’ she continued.

‘As I said, 26 weeks ago began an incredible relationship... who knew that Chloe and Nosh would get along so well. They've loved each other since the first day they laid eyes on each other, we cherish the love that they have between each other.’

To conclude the ceremony, Legend stepped up to sing a rendition of Selena Gomez's ‘Can't Keep My Hands To Myself’ before Teigen described the nuptials as ‘incredible’.

The newlyweds’ relationship was cemented by Luna and her father pouring two glasses filled with sand into a larger glass.

Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen - Instagram

‘The Wedding of Chloe and Nosh,’ Teigen captioned on Instagram.

‘In case you missed it, here is the full wedding between Luna’s two favourite stuffed animals. Tissues recommended.’

Teigen and Legend are currently self-isolating with their family at their Californian home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, weddings across the world have been called into question in recent weeks as a result of social distancing and self-isolation government advice that instructs the public keep a two-metre distance from others and avoid attending large gatherings.

Find out more about weddings during coronavirus here.

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