Chrissy Teigen reveals name confusion

Chrissy Teigen has been "living a lie".

The 'Lip Sync Battle' host - who has children Luna, two, and Miles, three months, with husband John Legend - has admitted fans have been mispronouncing her name as 'Tee-gan' for years but she never bothers to correct them with the correct pronunciation, 'Tie-gan'."

She said in a video shared to Twitter: "I'm tired of living this lie. It's Tie-gen. Isn't that right mom?"

The camera then cut to her mother, who confirmed her daughter's bombshell announcement.

Chrissy posted the video after a fan tweeted that people always pronounce the Sports Illustrated model's surname "wrong".

She agreed: "word! gave up a long time ago. last name is tie-gen not tee-gen (sic)"

And she admitted the situation was "v effed up" when a follower pronounced that Chrissy herself pronounces her name as 'Tee-gan'.

She agreed: "I know. I even correct people when they say it correctly. it's all v effed up (sic)

"I don't correct people, ever. They can call me Janet and I won't. Wrong order? I'll eat it. Taxi going to the wrong airport? I'll change my flight.

"I don't correct people but I do I don't know im so tired please let me go (sic)"

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old beauty recently admitted she no longer worries about her figure and would rather enjoy her meals than look good in a swimsuit.

She said: "I really prefer being happy and getting to eat things that I love, still wanting to be healthy. But I just don't care about looking good in a swimsuit anymore. I guess that's the only way to put it.

"Honestly, I don't ever have to be in a swimsuit again. Since I was 20 years old, I had this weight in my mind that I am, or that I'm supposed to be. I've been so used to that number for 10 years now. And then I started realising it was a swimsuit-model weight. There's a very big difference between wanting to be that kind of fit and wanting to be happy-fit."