Christina Aguilera says she released Spanish-language music partly to share her culture with her children

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Christina Aguilera says her Spanish-language music is way to "share" her culture with her children.
The ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ hitmaker - who has 14-year son Max with her producer ex Jordan Bratman and seven-year-old daughter Summer with her current man Matthew Rutler - debuted a trilogy of Spanish EPs to teach them about their Latin "heritage".
The 41-year-old musician told PEOPLE magazine: "To now approach the new Spanish music at a time in my life where I've survived this business over decades and am a mother to my children, who I want to share a part of themselves, a part of their roots, a part of their heritage, has been such a beautiful blessing within itself.”
"My daughter listens to all of the new Spanish music in the car and requests it. Sometimes I have to be like, 'Ugh, I don't want to think about work right now. Let's listen to Encanto.' But it's just been beautiful to see her resonate with the music and know that it's a part of her."
The ‘Genie in a Bottle’ hitmaker believes the the three-part release is a way for her to be “engaging with” her family history, such as her Ecuadorian estranged father, Fausto.
Christina said: "So starting with La Fuerza, the strength, [then] La Tormenta takes you through some of life's hardships. We're closing [the trilogy] with La Luz — and ultimately the main comprehensive album, Aguilera — acknowledging, embracing and engaging with my roots in a way that I've never done. The final chapter shares some closure in relation to my father, and sheds light on any darkness to be left in the past."
On top of this, the former 90s pop princess is interested in “collaborating” with anyone that has done her pre-recorded online class in singing.
She said: "I'm completely open to collaborating with someone that's taken my MasterClass. I thoroughly enjoy listening to other people's stories and getting inspired by them. I'm constantly inspired by my fans and the things they share with me, and I'm constantly learning. It's a fluid relationship."

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