Christine Baranski 'hasn't processed' The Good Fight ending

Christine Baranski still hasn't "processed" that 'The Good Fight' is ending.
The 70-year-old actress stars as Diane Lockhart in the legal drama series - but she's struggling to accept that the show is ending after the upcoming sixth season.
Christine explained: "People ask me how I feel about ['The Good Fight' ending] and I always say that I really, I haven't processed yet that the show, the finality of it.
"It's been such a part of my life for so long. So much has happened since I began, I've just taken for granted this artistic home that we've all participated in and such brilliant writing and such original writing and such a wonderful crew and such a wonderful cast of regulars.
"But then all these marvellous actors who are a part of our show over the years, many of whom returned as characters or as judges or as lawyers, it was just an embarrassment of riches really. I consider myself the most fortunate actress, and even in my last two seasons, I enjoyed the work more than ever."
Christine has also kept hold of some of Diane's eye-catching outfits.
Despite this, the actress acknowledged that Diane's style was "a little too much" for her.
She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I took some of Diane's lovely jackets because they're such a signature, you know?
"I didn't feel the need to take a lot of stuff because a lot of her style was a little too much for me and the reason those jackets were so dazzling was because visually it had to pop on camera, the power suits and all. But if there's anything I remember from Diane, it's not props, it would be clothes, which were her armour. Her way of facing the world in her beautiful jackets."