Christine Lampard lost her hair after giving birth

Christine Lampard lost her hair after giving birth to her daughter.

The 40-year-old television presenter - who shares 15-month-old daughter Patricia with husband Frank Lampard - noticed her hair began falling out after welcoming her first child.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women' on Thursday (09.01.20), Christine revealed: "People said to me, 'After having a baby, you'll probably lose your hair.' Throughout the pregnancy I was fine, and I definitely did around the hairline. But you can cover it and I could deal with it. It could of been much much worse. I only noticed it when I put my hair up in a big pony tail one day. I thought, 'Oh, my god. My hair's gone.' It kind of just went without me noticing."

The news comes a week after Ricki Lake revealed her new hairdo after suffering hair loss throughout her adult life, sharing a selfie of her new buzz cut hairstyle after stress, dieting, and birth control caused her to lose her locks.

And Christine felt a great deal of empathy towards the US chat show host as she feels like her hair is her crown.

She continued: "I suddenly have a real affinity for anyone who goes through it because a debilitating thing for a lot of women because your hair is you."

Meanwhile, Christine previously opened up about missing her parents "terribly" since the birth of her first child as they live in Northern Ireland whilst she is in England.

She said: "I'm lucky enough that my parents were there and very much part of that the sort of massive day. But since giving birth, I've missed home terribly just because my parents are back home in Northern Ireland ... It makes you fully appreciate what your mum and dad have been through with you and you want your parents to be very much a part of it and she's the first grandchild in our family so she's very much adored."