Ciara pokes fun at Ellen as she hosts The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Ciara pokes fun at Ellen DeGeneres while guest-hosting 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'.
The '1,2 Step' hitmaker sits in the TV talk show legend's chair for tonight's (30.12.21) episode of the entertainment programme, and in her opening monologue, she jokingly apologises for not having Ellen in the audience as the show was "sold-out".
Ciara quips: “Ellen couldn’t be here because I’m guest-hosting and there were no more tickets available. Sorry, Ellen, it’s a sold-out show.”
The 36-year-old singer is then joined by a special guest, Normani, who tells Ciara how she "shaped" the former Fifth Harmony star into the artist and woman she is today.
After the R&B star recalls introducing Normani to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, the ​25-year-old star says: “That meant a lot to me.
“For you to be able to share that moment. You know, you’re somebody that I’ve looked up to forever. I always felt representation was so key."
She adds: "You really shaped the artist and the woman that I felt like I could be."
Meanwhile, Ellen recently admitted she will be "very emotional" when her show ends in 2022.
The 63-year-old comedian has hosted her eponymous programme since 2003 and admits she will find it hard to cope when it's over.
She said: “Nineteen years is a long time to do anything. I’ve loved every minute of it.”
“I’m gonna be very emotional … I’m not emotional yet because it’s not real yet … The last day when I walk out of here, it’s gonna be really hard.”
Ellen also spoke about her plans for the future and how she intends to spend some time in Africa with her wife Portia de Rossi once the show comes to an end.
She said: “We are for sure gonna go… My [Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund] will be open then in Rwanda, so we are going to go to Africa and see my campus and take about a month and go on safari. That’s my favourite thing in the world to do... get to do things I haven’t gotten a chance to do.”

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