Civilian casualties in Ukraine surge by 20%, child deaths double, British intelligence reports

Consequences of the Russian attack
Consequences of the Russian attack

Some 604 Ukrainian civilians were killed and injured in March, a 20% increase over the previous month, the British Defense Ministry reported in its April 29 intelligence update, citing the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission.

In March, at least 57 Ukrainian children were killed by Russian strikes, doubling the number from February.

The casualties are attributed to missile and aerial-munitions strikes across the country and increased bombardment at the frontlines. The report also highlights the increased coordinated strikes on Ukrainian critical infrastructure, with 20 destroyed or damaged sites.

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On April 11, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Miroslav Jenča said that Russia has killed 10,810 civilians, including 600 children, and wounded 20,556 others, including 1,357 children since the beginning of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which demonstrating the enormous human cost of Russia's illegal invasion of the neighboring country.

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is also deteriorating. According to the UN, 40% of the country's population is in need of humanitarian aid, but its delivery is hampered by frequent Russian strikes. In addition, humanitarian organizations are not allowed to enter Russian-occupied territory.

The actual number of civilian casualties in Ukraine is much higher, as many cases remain unconfirmed. For instance, Ukrainian authorities estimate that at least 22,000 people were killed in the first three months of Russian aggression in Mariupol.

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