Claire Foy says sex scenes are the 'grimmest thing you can do'

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Claire Foy has felt "exploited" during sex scenes.
The 37-year-old star explained that shooting intimate scenes is the "grimmest thing you can do" as an actress.
Claire shared: "It's a really hard line because basically you do feel exploited when you are a woman and you are having to perform fake sex on screen. You can't help but feel exploited. It's grim – it's the grimmest thing you can do.
"You feel exposed. Everyone can make you try to not feel that way but it's, unfortunately, the reality."
The actress - who plays Margaret Campbell, a British socialite known for her 1963 divorce, in 'A Very British Scandal' - also admitted to hating the concept of "s**t-shaming".
Claire told BBC Radio 4: "I hate the phrase s**t-shaming, I absolutely hate it. But I think that women have basically been s**t-shamed forever. I think Eve probably was s**t-shamed.
"There is something about it that I just hate, the rephrasing of the ownership of that title and it being used in a way which justifies it even more. Just the word 's**t' shouldn't probably exist."
Despite this, Claire thinks that societal attitudes are starting to change and women are being made to feel more comfortable on set.
She said: "I can only speak from personal experience as opposed to like a cultural revolution kind of way, but I feel like there is a room and an acceptance now that I never would have had.
"There will be scenarios at work, for example, where things will be happening that I would feel were wrong, but I was told that I wasn't right by society. And now what happens is there's a forum for me and my friends and my colleagues where, if something's wrong, there's someone who goes, 'Yes, I'm affirming that is actually wrong.'"

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