Claudia Schiffer is extremely 'shy'

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Claudia Schiffer would describe herself as extremely "shy".
The supermodel may be known for appearing on a number of magazine covers and the runway but she admits her nerves have gotten the best of her most of the time, as she struggled to talk to filmmaker Luc Besson and 'Back to the Future' star Michael J Fox.
She said: "I remember one day sitting next to Luc Besson on a first-class flight. I loved all of his films but all I thought was: Oh no! My shyness kicked in and I thought, I'm just going to pretend to be sleeping the whole time, so I don't have to speak to him.
"And then there was Michael J Fox. I thought he was amazing. I bumped into him somewhere and I couldn't even say hello. He asked me to work with him on a TV series, but I said no. It was too much!"
And Claudia also admits she still gets really nervous on a catwalk.
She told the new issue of ELLE magazine: "The nerves before a catwalk show could be intense sometimes. I enjoyed them when they were over and we were all celebrating, but before I did not enjoy it. And getting there, I literally had to convince myself to go to each one. It was a very fast learning curve. Suddenly I was thrown into this world ... I just thought: Close your eyes and jump in."
Meanwhile, the 49-year-old beauty previously admitted that modelling has become "a lot more civilised" over the years.
She shared:"Fashion has always been my life and I never imagined doing anything that didn't involve fashion. Modelling is a lot more civilised now.
"Before we worked until four in the morning and then were on a plane at seven. Now models are also more looked after when it comes to their mental and physical health. They feel a lot of pressure because they have to document everything. But it also means that you have a closer relationship with your fans."