S Club 7 star Jo O’Meara isn’t interested in dating.

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Jo O’Meara isn’t interested in dating.
The former S Club 7 singer became single shortly after having her son Lenny, 14, with former partner Bill Slate and though she’s had an occasional “smooch” over the years, admitted that she is not looking for a relationship.
She said: “I’ve been on my own for 14 years. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had little kisses and smooches here and there but nothing serious. I haven’t been in a relationship since Lenny’s father and I like being single and on my own. I haven’t tried dating apps either, because I’m not interested. I’ve got two rescue dogs, my career, and a son who I love. I’m happy with that.”
The 'Have You Ever' hitmaker, 43, also joked that she has enough on her hands with a teenage son but explained that she would "never" introduce him to someone she wasn't serious about.
She said: “I’m also wary when it comes to men because I have a teenager, so would never introduce a man to him unless I was going to marry him. Plus, I don’t fancy picking up anyone else’s pants – picking up my son’s is enough!"
The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star used the coronavirus lockdown to work on herself and has gone from a size 16 to a 10.
She told Closer: “I decided to take that time to better myself. I’d do workouts on the TV, lift some weights and I invested in a trampoline.
“I would literally bounce up and down on it for 20-30 minutes a day.
“Plus, I’ve got two dogs so I walk a lot. I use a FitBit to monitor my steps and I aim for 10,000 a day – anything after that is a bonus.
“So far I’ve completed 13,000 already today. It’s just a matter of getting out the house and being active.”

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