'Clumsy' Golden Retriever Takes a Tiny Tumble, Then Checks if Anyone Saw — Watch! (Exclusive)

'Clumsy' Golden Retriever Takes a Tiny Tumble, Then Checks if Anyone Saw — Watch! (Exclusive)

The energetic pup's owner, Lauren Ring, tells PEOPLE that the golden retriever is "spunky" but also "pretty clumsy"

A golden retriever named Louie is going viral for his relatable reaction to a clumsy moment.

The canine enthusiastically runs through a field when he trips and flips onto his side in a video recently posted on TikTok. He then looks around, appearing to check whether anyone saw him trip.

Lauren Ring, who's had Louie for about a year, calls the pup "super energetic and spunky."

"He always needs attention," she tells PEOPLE.

<p>Lauren Ring</p>

Lauren Ring

Ring, who lives in Waterloo, Wisconsin, says Louie enjoys visiting the field seen in the video, since there are plenty of sticks for him to grab and play fetch with. She was taking footage of one of his retrievals when the incident occurred, and was "shocked" to capture the funny moment on camera.

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Since she posted it on TikTok on Sept. 3, the video has garnered more than 740,000 views and 106,000 likes. Ring didn’t notice Louie’s self-conscious reaction till reading the responses on the social media platform.

"I think it's hilarious," she says. "I didn't really notice until everyone was commenting. He looked around to make sure nobody saw that, and he was just kind of embarrassed, I think."

"I felt super bad at first," she added. "But then I was like, 'He's okay.' But I think he was like, 'Yeah, did anybody see that?'"

<p>Lauren Ring</p>

Lauren Ring

Ring isn't sure what exactly caused Louie to trip.

"He's pretty clumsy," she says. "He's done this in the snow before and just slid across. I keep his leash attached so that I'm able to grab him because he doesn't quite know his boundaries yet."

Some TikTok commenters speculated on what caused the canine's stumble, while others playfully compared the move to awkward moments humans experience.

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"There’s a small hole in the lawn. If you watch his right front foot, it turns under while on the round, slightly discolored patch of grass," pointed out one observant TikTok user.

<p>Lauren Ring</p>

Lauren Ring

"This is the human equivalent of tripping on your shoelaces," read another comment.

Ring says the viral response on social media was more than she anticipated.

"I didn't expect it to blow up like that," Ring says. "I just kind of posted it for a laugh, though, and I feel like that's what people were able to do."

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Louie's other favorite activities include visiting beaches on Lake Michigan, swimming, and hiking.

"He doesn't really like toys," Ring says. "He likes sticks and everything outside. It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, he is a totally outdoor dog."

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