Coco Austin nurses her daughter 'for comfort'

Coco Austin nurses her four-year-old daughter "for comfort".

The 'Ice and Coco' star is still breastfeeding her daughter Chanel, and has taken to Instagram to speak about her decision to keep nursing, as she says the process is a source of comfort for her daughter, especially amid the current coronavirus crisis, which Coco described as feeling like the world is "coming to an end".

In an update on Instagram, the 40-year-old beauty wrote: "At a time when the world feels like its coming to an end.. suck up as much love as you can!

"I know the moms out there will appreciate this pic! Ive been getting alot of props in the breasfeeding community and get tons of emails from woman/moms appreciating me bringing light to the subject .. I write a baby blog about my journey with Chanel and soon I will write about what it's like to continue boob time with a 4 year old.. I get tons and tons of requests that want me to speak on it! (sic)"

Coco went onto insist that Chanel does eat "real food" and doesn't get all her nutrients from breast milk, but nurses to help her relax.

She added: "At this point in nursing its just for comfort and believe me the girl loves meat so its not like she isnt eating real food... Thank you to all that understand my view.. i see most of you are so eager to side with me and I too root for you in your journey as well.. Us moms are connected (sic)"

Meanwhile, Coco previously said she would be "so sad" when she has to stop breastfeeding, because she loves the "special" bond she has with her daughter.

Writing on social media last year, she said: "A mothers calling.... I'm so blessed to have this unbelievable experience in this thing called Nursing..

"I had a hard time breastfeeding the 1st week of when Chanel was born, I almost gave up but my family told me to hang for another week.

"They told me I dont want to miss this special moment you have with your child.. health wise and bond wise..I hung in there and now almost 4 years later Chanel still wants the boob ..

"Its more of a comfort thing now and of course she eats regular but nap time and night time are our time and I'm lucky she hasn't grown out it yet because when that moment comes I will be so sad..its the best feeling and ALL mothers that nurse know.. (sic)"