Cody Simpson is 'grateful' his sister Alli will make a full recovery after fracturing her neck and testing positive for COVID-19

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Cody Simpson is “grateful” after doctors said his sister Ally will recover after breaking her neck.
The younger sister of the ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer is “lucky to be alive” after being badly injured on New Year’s Eve (31.12.21) following a miscalculated dive into a pool and while in hospital getting treatment, Ally also found out she had coronavirus.
With a picture from her hospital bed, the 23-year-old model wrote on her Instagram: “Sometimes life can take a big turn in the blink of an eye.. for me, 2022 is not off to a great start [sad face emoji] [white heart emoji] a broken neck (plus a positive covid test)(sic)"
In support of his sister, the 24-year-old singer also posted the photo to his Instagram Story with the caption: "You're a miracle / I love you and I am so grateful you are safe".
Ally explained that she went head first into a swimming pool - totally unaware about the water levels - and was taken for extensive medical treatment.
‘The Hacking High School’ star said: “Long story short — I dove into a shallow pool head first & hit my head on the bottom.. on New Year’s Eve I got X-rays/CT Scans & an MRI to find I have 2 severe fractures in my neck (C6 & T1) [Frustrated emoji] [Red face emoji] I was sent straight to hospital in an ambulance to be assessed by a neurosurgeon.(Sic)"
The ‘Death Link’ star did not require any “immediate surgery” and was discharged from the hospital in a “hard neck brace”.
She said: “The outcome - no immediate surgery was required & I have been sent home in a hard neck brace that I’ll be living in 24/7 for the next 4 months as my neck hopefully heals itself.. [prayer hands emoji] [shining star emoji] I am extremely lucky to be alive and/or not quadriplegic as it JUST missed my spinal chord..(sic)"
Alli is keeping positive about the impact the rest and recovery will have on her life and has “been in endless tears” and grateful to “every guardian angel watching over me”
The reality star said: “The way I see it, four months is a drop in the ocean when it comes to the rest of my happy & healthy life.. as you can imagine, I have been in endless tears and thanking every guardian angel watching over me in the pool that night plus every moment since [Red heart emoji] [Lips emoji](sic)"
The ‘Sleep Tight’ star has found a “new lease on life” and is “forever grateful” it was not more serious, before thanking friends and family for their support.”
She said: “to say the least - I have a new lease on life & will be forever grateful that it was not worse!!
“Thank you to all my friends & family, constantly FaceTiming me, cooking me meals & sending kind gifts.. and big thanks to all the paramedics & medical staff for helping me through.. it means more than you know.
“Happy new year everyone - sending love & light [Light bulb emoji] [Yellow heart emoji] hoping the start to your year has been a whole lot better than mine!! stay safe this year fam & DON’T DIVE INTO ANYTHING WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW IT’S DEPTH!!!(sic)”

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