COE prices for big car, Open categories rise again to new highs

A file photo of vehicles along Hill Street in Singapore
Vehicles along Hill Street in Singapore. (FILE PHOTO: Getty Images) (@ Didier Marti via Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices for big cars and Open Category vehicles surged again to new highs at the end of the bidding exercise on Wednesday (7 September).

Prices for all the COE categories rose except for the small cars category.

The COE price for Category B cars, which are bigger and more powerful, rose almost one per cent to a record $113,000. Category B cars have engine capacity above 1,600cc or with horsepower above 130bhp, or are fully electric with maximum power output above 110kW.

For the Open Category, which are typically used for large cars, the price rose by 1.2 per cent to a record $113,299.

The rising trend of COE prices for Category B and Open Category began on 8 June, where they surged to their highest levels in almost 30 years, at above $100,000.

The COE price for Category A cars, for cars with engine capacity up to 1,600cc and maximum power output up to 97kW, fell 2.1 per cent to $86,000 while the COE price for motorcycles rose 1.8 per cent to $11,301.

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Yahoo Singapore Telegram

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