Coke now has an energy drink and it's just launched in Australia

Holly Hales
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Coke has launched its first ever energy drink Coca Cola Energy. Photo: Coca Cola/Channel Nine

Just when you thought Coke had run out of ideas for new flavours, they’ve changed things up in a whole new way.

The brand has just launched its first ever energy drink, and it’ll hit Aussie shelves very soon.

Dubbed ‘Coca Cola Energy’, the beverage is brimming with caffeine and guarana and promises to greet energy drink devotees with their traditional soft drink taste.

What it tastes like

While not many people have had the chance to taste it yet, those who have are giving it mixed reviews.

One person has described it as “a game changer!” while another said, “That new coke energy drink actually tastes like sh*t”.

We passed it around to a few people here at the Yahoo office, and again got very different reactions. One person said it tasted bitter, another could really taste the guarana, and a third said it tasted a lot like a Jägerbomb.


Each can comes with a warning to consumers that it’s “not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women and individuals sensitive to caffeine”.

It also adds that no more than 500ml should be consumed per day. The current cans come in 250ml sizes and in both sugar and sugar free.

As it’s not recommended for children, the brand says it won’t be sold near schools or ‘directly marketed’ towards those under 18.

“We developed the recipe with adults in mind…[and] are fully committed to the safe consumption of energy drinks and that’s why we’ve got a warning on the pack,” according to Coke’s Josh Gonski.

Bars are also being urged not to mix the product with alcohol.

Coca Cola Energy lands in Australia on June 26.

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