Cole Swindell might propose to Courtney Little

Cole Swindell might propose to Courtney Little.
The 39-year-old country music star - who was previously in a relationship with model Barbie Blank - has been dating former NBA dancer Courtney, 23, since the end of 2021 and explained that marriage is definitely something he has considered but has just been waiting for the "right person" to come along.
He said: "I think that [an engagement] could happen. We'll have to see. That's something I've obviously thought about and I've just been waiting for the right person...It's been nice. I'm happy. She's happy and we'll see what happens."
The 'You Should Be Here' asked Courtney to play his love interest in the music video for his song 'Some Habits' before they were together and explained that their time on the set of the romantic video was almost like their "first date."
He told E! News: "I took a shot and asked her [to be in the video] and she said she'd be cool with that. That was kind of our first date having to act like it was a love song video and we didn't really know each other. We always laugh and say we wish we could go back and reshoot it," Cole said, "now that we actually are together and feel the way we were acting in the video."
Meanwhile, Cole is planning to tour with Thomas Rhett in 2023 and hailed his fellow singer as one of the "best in the business."
He said: "He's one of the best in the business and just a good person, even more importantly. I feel like if the world had more Thomas Rhetts, we'd be in a better place."