Coles shopper spots 'apology' discount on receipt

An Aussie shopper was surprised to receive a $0.47 discount on his grocery bill.

Coles supermarket and customer receipt with apology.
Coles shoppers have been receiving mysterious “apology” discounts on their grocery bills. (Source: AAP/Facebook)

Coles shoppers have been left scratching their heads after spotting mysterious “apology” discounts on their grocery bills.

Confused customers have shared images of the small addition at the bottom of their Coles invoices, which varied from receipt to receipt.

Even checkout operators couldn't give further context to the puzzling reduction.

"Does anyone know the reason for this $0.47 “apology” credit?" one shopper asked.

“I got this too but mine was bigger,” another said, sharing their $3.54 discount.

Coles apology receipt
Another Coles shopper also spotted the discount on her bill. (Source: Facebook)

Coles explains ‘apology’

A Coles spokesperson said the discount had been issued to some Flybuys members after a promotion mishap.

“We detected that a small number of Flybuys members did not receive the promotion they activated due to an IT issue,” the spokesperson told Yahoo Finance.

“Flybuys has applied a Flybuys credit to any affected members’ accounts that will appear on their next receipt.

“We hope this has not caused any inconvenience to these customers.”

Backlash over supermarket profits

While some commentators suggested this might have been the explanation on Facebook, others joked Coles could be issuing apologies over their rising grocery prices.

“It’s an apology discount for charging ridiculous prices for groceries,” one suggested.

“Sorry you had to pay $10 for 500 [grams] of cheese,” another wrote.

“Apology. Your groceries would have cost $30.00 in 2021,” a third person said.

Both Coles and Woolworths have faced customer backlash after reporting higher profits last month, as Aussies struggled with the rising cost of living.

Coles announced a $1.09 billion net profit for the year, up 4.8 per cent on last financial year. Woolworths posted a $1.62 billion net profit, up 4.6 per cent.

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