The Colorful Tags On Your Bread Have A Shocking Purpose

There isn't too much that's mind-blowing about bread at the grocery store. But people were completely blown away this week when someone posted a video about the real reason behind those colorful tags found on packages of bread.

In a video on Instagram, @jordan_the_stallion8 confirmed with a grocery store worker that those color-coded tags indicate the day of the week the bread was baked and packaged.

"So I went to the store to see if this is true. I asked the worker what the colors mean and this is what he told me," he said in the video.

He went on to explain that each color corresponds to the day the bread was packaged. Monday's tags are blue, Tuesday is green, Thursday is red, and Saturday is yellow. In many stores (or at least this one), bread is not usually delivered on Wednesdays or Sundays.

It's sorted alphabetically, too, with blue tags coming first in the week because the letter "b" comes before the other colors' first letters.

Before you get too excited, one Instagram commenter pointed out that while the colors do indicate the day of the week the bread was baked and packaged, not all bakeries use the same color system.

"I have owned a bread distribution route before and I will just say that different bakeries (companies) use different colors for different days. So it isn’t standard. The date on the package is really the best way for the customer to tell how fresh the bread is," they explained.

Despite the reveal of the tags' meaning, most people shared that they're more concerned with the expiration date as opposed to the day their bread was baked.

"I never buy anything without looking at the expiration date. I always grab from the back they rotate the older stuff closer to code/expiring to the front of the shelf. If I’m paying full price I’m grabbing from the back to get the freshest!" said one user.

"I’ve never looked at the color of the tags, just the expiration dates," another person added.

And when in doubt of any packaging or expiration dates, there's always the direct-to-freezer method.

"I put my bread in the freezer and they last as long as I need them," read one comment.

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