Colts' monsoon game takes center stage in 'Hard Knocks' in-season trailer

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The trailer for the new in-season edition of HBO's "Hard Knocks" dropped on Wednesday, which for the first time will follow a team during the season instead of during training camp and preseason games. 

The Indianapolis Colts are the focus of this new venture, and the trailer takes full advantage the Colts' recent matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, which was played in what could charitably be called a deluge. 

Along with beautiful shots of quarterback Carson Wentz's touchdown pass to Michael Pittman Jr. during the monsoon game, we get brief snippets of the team's preparation as well as the immediate (and soggy) aftermath of their 30-18 win. 

Head coach Frank Reich is prominently featured, warning his players about Sunday's harsh weather and reminding them how to mentally approach the game: “Our mentality is any circumstance, any time, anywhere, plays to our advantage.”

But the best moment by far comes from Pittman, totally gassed up after his TD catch, shouting "He's too little! Watch ya head!" on the sideline. 

Even though the footage in the trailer is from Week 7, that's likely not where the series will start when the first episode drops on Nov. 17. The Colts had serious quarterback drama as the season began, with Wentz's recovery from foot surgery putting his Week 1 start in question. The Colts also began the season with three straight losses before going on to win three of their next four. All of that is perfect fodder for "Hard Knocks," especially for their first-ever in-season edition. 

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