We Combed the Internet for Renaissance-Worthy Silver Fashion, So You Don't Have To

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<p>Reformation/ Shopbop/ Onitsuka Tiger/ Giarite</p>

Reformation/ Shopbop/ Onitsuka Tiger/ Giarite

After Beyoncé challenged fans to don their disco ball-inspired best for her remaining tour dates on Instagram earlier this month, one thing was for sure: the hunt for silver was on. While there might also be a bigger, cosmic meaning behind her choice of color (it’s Virgo season, after all), on the fashion front, the message was loud and clear. Queen B wants you to have fun with your Renaissance attire. Immediately, Bey hive members across the country started taking inventory of the silver, glitter, and sparkle in their closets (and shopping carts).

Of course, even if you’re not headed to one of the singer’s last shows on this current tour, you can still get in on the action. Silver clothing can be surprisingly versatile if you know what you're doing. Plus, there's nothing like a bright and shiny accessory to add a bit of oomph to any outfit. So, whether you’re shopping for your next concert ‘fit or looking to us for styling inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Ahead, InStyle editors break down their best fashion and beauty silver picks from the internet. Read on for what we’re wearing (or eyeing) ahead of the Renaissance tour’s grand finale.

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<p>Nieman Marcus</p>

Nieman Marcus

To Shop: $1,890, Paco Rabanne

"Operation Dress Like a Human Disco Ball is a mission that isn’t assigned often enough. My philosophy is always, if you’re going to go for it, you must Go. For. It. And this Paco Rabanne skirt is the epitome of that ethos. I want to wear this skirt on my birthday, on my next fancy beach vacation, and on a regular Friday with white sneakers and a slouchy sweater for my morning coffee run. And, of course, I want to wear this any time I’m listening to Beyoncé. If you want to really go for it, allow me to direct you to the mini dress version." - Sally Holmes, Editor-in-Chief

<p>Onitsuka Tiger</p>

Onitsuka Tiger

To Shop: $170, Onitsuka Tiger

"There’s really nothing like a silver shoe, is there? This Onitsuka Tiger sneaker is guaranteed to take any outfit to the next level (Jeans! Trousers! Dresses! The pairing options are truly endless), and they’re beyond comfortable. Trust me; your feet will thank you after hours of dancing your heart out to 'Drunk in Love.'" - Madeline Hirsch, News Director



To Shop: $198, Reformation

"These days, I do everything I can to pick statement pieces I know I'll wear more than once. However strong the urge is to buy something that will make me look like a human disco ball, I can’t help but think about how it will collect dust in my closet. This skirt has the versatility to last through several seasons of layered looks — while still packing an intense amount of shine for a night singing 'Love On Top' with reckless abandon." -Jenna Brillhart, Creative Director



To Shop: $267, Shopbop

"Dress like a disco ball? Oseree understood the assignment. You’re bound to be on your feet all night long, and this halter lightweight sequined mesh number is just what you need to look (and stay) cool. Style it with matching shorts, jeans, or a skirt — the options are truly endless." - Samantha Brash, Director of Content Strategy

<p>Jenny Bird</p>

Jenny Bird

To Shop: $120, Jenny Bird

"There's nothing like donning a giant pair of earrings to make you feel your best for Beyoncé. For those who prefer not to sparkle from head to toe, these silver accessories will be a conversation starter — even if the rest of your look is a bit more toned-down. Plus, they elevate practically every outfit, making them a piece of jewelry you can wear again and again." - Ondine Jean-Baptiste, Assistant Social Media Editor

<p>Famous Footwear</p>

Famous Footwear

To Shop: $50, Famous Footwear

"Birkenstocks and Beyoncé? Believe it. While disco may be about sky-high heels and larger-than-life … everything, the Weird Barbie in me can’t let go of my Birkenstocks. Thankfully, the brand’s beloved sandals are available in Bey-approved metallic and are perfect for dancing all night and fall in line with Queen B’s declaration for all things silver." -Christopher Luu, Senior News Editor

<p>Never Fully Dressed</p>

Never Fully Dressed

To Shop: $153, Never Fully Dressed

"If you’re looking to dress to the nines for Queen Bey, this metallic pleated Never Fully Dressed midi dress will help you class up your concert-goer ensemble in no time. Pair with kitten-heeled sling-backs or dress it down with sneakers so you can dance the night away (in comfort)." -
Tessa Petak, Staff Writer



To Shop: $198, Reformation

"Beyoncé’s declaration made me realize I own zero metallic clothing, and I try not to shop for specific events. It usually leads to me buying something totally out of character, and I want all of my pieces to have long, active lives in my wardrobe. I adore any time Beyoncé does a western wear look, especially this tour’s custom Alexander McQueen sheer catsuit with the silver horse hugging her curves (which are bound to be in a museum someday). These silver Reformation jeans tap into that vibe, and I’ll be able to pair them with tees for years to come." - Danielle Fox, Senior Social Media Editor



To Shop: $68 Catbird

"If you need a subtle accessory to balance out your disco-superstar outfit, may I suggest this darling and delicate necklace from Catbird? This choker will still add the shimmer you’re looking for without detracting from your overall glow. After you’re done singing your heart out with Beyoncé, you can bring this necklace into your everyday wardrobe. Double win!" -Kelly Chiello, Associate Photo Director

<p>Sarah Flint</p>

Sarah Flint

To Shop: $550, Sarah Flint

"Silver glitter bomb from head to toe? Don’t mind if I do! These Sarah Flint sandals give the perfect iridescent effect and are comfortable, to boot – very important if you’re planning to be on your feet all night long dancing your silver pants off!" - SH



To Shop: $300, Diesel

"There are two things Diesel does best: Distressed denim and pops of silver. So, naturally, it was one of the first bands that came to mind when I heard about Beyonce’s Renaissance silver theme. And there’s just something about this silver-ish track jacket that fits the bill. It’s unexpected. It’s right on trend with the soccer-inspired wear we've seen this summer. Basically, it’s just the right amount of sporty. Pair it with a cool white tank and baggy jeans for a weekend vibe or over a little black dress for a night on the town — perhaps dinner and a Renaissance show with the girls? When in doubt, go for the unexpected for a big fashion moment. You just might surprise yourself." -MH

<p>Mara Peralta</p>

Mara Peralta

To Shop: $150, Mara Peralta Studios

"Mara Peralta is an experimental artist, musician, and designer who reconstructs existing stainless steel and surgical steel materials in New York to make sustainable jewelry that feels like armor as much as it does adornment. The heft to this hoop choker has a really grounding effect when I wear it, and I love that it’s polished, but still looks tough." - DF



To Shop: $598, Retrofête

"When Beyoncé tells you to wear silver, you say, 'How sparkly?' And nothing says disco like a shimmery fringed chainmail bag. This Retrofête purse will elevate any outfit while simultaneously holding onto your lipstick for seamless reapplication throughout the show." - TP



To Shop: $200, Alohas

"The thing about me at a Beyoncé concert? I’m not sitting down. It's a decision my feet will definitely not thank me for if I’m wearing anything but flats. Joining together my favorite shoe trends, metallics and Mary Janes, this pair checks multiple boxes for both my everyday wardrobe and nights out. Whether I’m commuting to work or dancing to my own off-beat drum, my feet are guaranteed to be much happier (all without having to sacrifice style for comfort)." - JB

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