This Compact Treadmill’s 'Foldable Design Is Perfect' for Small Spaces, and It’s 49% Off

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Plus, even more fitness machines are up to $414 off

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Summer is easily one of the most convenient times to fit movement into your routine, thanks to warm weather and longer days. With fall around the corner and temperatures likely to start dipping soon, that doesn’t mean you have to put the brakes on your workouts. Instead, get in your steps in the comfort of your home — no matter its size.

If you want to bring your workout indoors without needing a gym membership, consider the Costway SuperFit Two-in-One Foldable Under Desk Treadmill with remote control, which is currently 49 percent off at Target, slashing a whopping $290 off the price tag. Whether you live in a 2,500-square-foot house or a 400-square-foot apartment, its slim, easy-to-store design allows you to exercise inside without having a piece of equipment that takes up a bunch of space.

Costway SuperFit Two-in-One Foldable Under Desk Treadmill, $300 (Save $290)





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The compact piece of equipment can be used in two ways — as an under-the-desk walking pad if you’re up for multitasking, or as a standard treadmill. To change modes, simply fold down the riser for a walking mode of 2.5 miles per hour, or raise it for a speed of up to 7.5 miles per hour. It’s designed with shock-absorbing technology to reduce the impact on joints and a quiet, noise-reducing motor, so you can exercise without disturbing other members of your household.

For safety and comfort, the Costway foldable treadmill has a five-layer, non-slip running belt that cushions each step. These include a wear-resistant top layer, a noise-reducing layer, a high-strength support layer, a shock-absorbing layer, and a compression layer. It measures 40 inches by 16 inches and can support a weight of up to 265 pounds.

The LED screen offers a number of convenient features, too, including a time, speed, distance, and calorie display so you can easily track your goals and progress. Or, change your workout by using the remote control that’s equipped with a start/pause button, and speed-adjusting buttons. The panel also comes with a device slot for holding your phone, a safety key for quick emergency stops, and a Bluetooth speaker to pair your device and keep your music pumping.

When you’re ready to store it to make space for furniture or hosting guests, you can easily fold the handlebar down and slide the slim treadmill into a closet or under furniture using its two handy wheels. You can snag the Costway treadmill in seven colors: navy blue, silver, white, gold, green, black, or red.

Shoppers rave about the highly rated treadmill, suitable for walking, jogging, and running, for its convenience and effectiveness without being bulky. “The foldable design is perfect,” according to one person who shared that they placed it in their living room and like to “run on it whenever [they] would like.” Another reviewer called it the “perfect solution to small space,” while a third noted that despite its compact design, it’s “sturdy [and] well-made.”

With a huge discount of $290, bring your fitness routine inside this fall and beyond with the Costway SuperFit Two-in-One Foldable Under Desk Treadmill on sale for 49 percent off, or shop even more compact machines up to $414 off at Target below.

Costway 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill with Dual LED Display, $366 (Save $414)





Costway Ultra-Thin Folding Treadmill, $287 (Save $303)





Costway SuperFit Fold Treadmill with Speaker, $267 (Save $243)





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