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'Makes me glow': This snail slime-infused cream (yup) is now only $15

Believe it or not, snail slime seems to have become the superstar ingredient in beauty products right now. We've told you about the TikTok-famous snail serum, and we are happy to report that the company behind it also has a popular moisturizer: Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream for just $15. So what better time to add to cart?

Enriched with 92% of snail mucin, this cream promises to hydrate, plump and improve your complexion. 

$15 at Amazon
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Why is it a good deal?

Shoppers can't get enough of this stuff, so you can bet they'll be stocking up on it while it's $15. That's the lowest price we've seen since Prime Day.

Why do I need this?

If you're into K-beauty (Korean skincare), you're probably familiar with snail mucin (snail slime), but if you have problem skin, be prepared for a lesson in hydration you get from the slime provided by these little gastropods. It's the main ingredient in Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream.

Snail slime contains antimicrobial properties to protect your skin from infection. For people with sensitive skin, those properties also soothe and calm rosacea and acne-prone complexions. Snail mucin also contains copper peptides which plump and smooth your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines. And if you have thirsty skin, snail slime is also packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid.

face cream
More than 18,000 shoppers swear by this cream, so what are you waiting for? Escar-got get some!

What reviewers say:

More than 20,000 beauty enthusiasts rave about how the Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream improved their skin.

"Redness was gone in 12 hours," shared one rosacea sufferer. "I have tried multiple lotions/creams for rosacea and this is the first one to work. Put it on at night and the next day, my skin looked normal. Just ordered my third tub, still working really well. Rosacea is gone."

"This moisturizer is seriously the best for sensitive skin," wrote another five-star fan. "I use tretinoin and my skin gets so dry and sensitive. This is one of the only moisturizers that hydrates me without clogging up my skin or irritating it. I love it. Makes me glow but not oily at all."

"This stuff is AMAZING for fine lines, texture, and dullness," raved a beauty enthusiast. "My skin has transformed in the past month, and I will be buying this stuff again and again and again!"

"I’ve used the expensive skin moisturizers from Sephora for a long time and kept switching because they either got too expensive or didn’t work as well as I wanted them too," admitted another rave reviewer. "This is way better in my opinion. It’s incredibly hydrating and melts into the skin. I really noticed an improvement in my overall complexion and skin hydration. No more dry patches!"

"This product feels like it will help my lack of skin moisture, but even after 25 minutes, it is still sticky," a final customer noted.

Snail mucin soothes and calms irritated skin while moisturizing and plumping it. 

$15 at Amazon
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$26 at REVOLVE$26 at

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