'If I could help just one person': Presley Gerber wants to help others with their mental health

Presley Gerber wants to help others who are struggling with their mental health.
The 23-year-old model -who is the son of Hollywood star Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande - openly admitted to having suffered from "depression" throughout his life and after taking time for himself now wants to help others who may be experiencing the same thing with a series of initiatives.
Speaking on the 'Studio 22' podcast, he said: "So, for me and having struggled with mental health, depression and some other things that come along with that, I think that whether I help one person or a hundred people get out of that place that I was in at one point in my life, that's all I need to do.
"I've definitely had a lot of experiences. I've had a lot of deep dives, a lot vacations and a lot of time to look into myself and learn about myself with therapists."
Presley went on to add that he wants to create some form of business venture to help others and insisted that there will be "no judgment" with fans as he shares the "mistakes" he has made over the years.
He said: "When I was 17, I was in the studio and trying to do some music because I wanted an outlet because I needed to share some music with people and that's what I want to do.
"Whether it's a platform, whether I use one of my current platforms or come up with a company.
"I've thought of literal clothing brands just revolving around mental health because it's such a big part of my life. It's a 24/7 job and there's so much to it. That really what I want to do—help people, whether you're depressed, you're struggling with something that is having a negative effect on your body. I mean it could be anything, and there's no judgment.
"I've seen a lot of stuff and I've learned a lot of things. What I hope I can do is have made the mistakes for other people, so they don't have to make the same mistakes that I made."