Couple reveals their bridesmaid is also their girlfriend: 'Throuple'

A married couple has revealed the strange story behind how their bridesmaid became their girlfriend.

The unlikely trio have opened up about their polyamorous relationship, and describe themselves as ‘lucky’.

Bridesmaid in pink looking on as a married couple share a kiss
The married couple share a kiss while their bridesmaid watches. Photo: Instagram/dailythrouple

Tyler 29, first met Angel, 26 on Tinder, before popping the question in 2020. While it seemed like a conventional relationship, the couple made a decision that completely changed their lives.

Shortly after the engagement, Angel asked her college friend Sam if she’d consider moving in with the pair, to create a ‘throuple’.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, with Angel admitting that she struggled with ‘jealousy’ at the start of their relationship.

“At first, I was getting jealous seeing Tyler and Sam together because I was selfishly only thinking about my needs, only me and Tyler, only me and Sam,” she told Truly.


The ‘throuple’ agree that the most important hurdle they faced was learning how to communicate with one another.

While the trio share the same bed, they do admit that they usually get intimate in pairs. They say it’s not awkward, as the odd one out can ‘watch TV, cook or clean’ in other parts of the house.

The throuple take a photo together with both women kissing the man's cheeks
The trio call themselves a throuple. Photo: Instagram/dailythrouple

Sam, who is 23, stood proudly next to Tyler and Angel as they got married, and even went to Miami with Angel for her Bachelorette party.

However, not everybody has been supportive of their unconventional relationship. The ‘throuple’ like to post videos on TikTok, and this is how some of their relatives found out.

“My cousin was going to be a groomsman, and when he found out [about our relationship], he called me and dropped out of my wedding.

“Most of the extended family, we don’t really talk to them anymore,” Tyler said.

Angel, Tyler and Sam sit on a couch smiling
Angel and Tyler plan to propose to Sam at some stage. Photo: Instagram/dailythrouple

People online haven’t always been kind, with many leaving nasty comments on social media.

“It’ll end in tears,” one user wrote, with another asking: “What’s the divorce rate?”

“Couldn’t be doing with nagging from two ladies, and don’t have the energy to disappoint two women,” added a second.

“Each to their own I guess! But I don’t like it! Well I guess the women are so hard up they can’t find a man of their own so they have to share one!” a third chimed in.

The trio say they just ‘laugh’ the hate off, because they know how special their relationship really is.

“Most people are lucky that they found one person to love, but we’re lucky enough that we found two,” Angel adds.

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