Courtney Love facing claim she once groped journalist without consent

Courtney Love is facing a claim she once groped a reporter without consent.
The ‘Hole’ rocker, 58, who had model daughter Frances Bean, 30, with her late ex-husband Kurt Cobain, is said by journalist Frank Elaridi to have touched him around “six years ago”.
The reporter, who works mainly for ABC programs and digital platforms — said on his ‘Quite Frankly’ podcast the incident took place at Coachella when he was covering the music festival for ‘Nightline’.
He added: “I think I was like 24 or something at the time – naïve. They send me to Coachella to go do an interview with her. I’m at her afterparty, interviewing her in a side room, and then she’s like, ‘Come hang out with us!'”
Frank added he agreed and the pair took a photo together, saying: “And the second (the) photo’s done, she grabs my crotch, like, really hard. Like, grabs it like that.
“I was caught off guard. There’s literally a photo ’cause somebody across the room snapped it (and) sent it to me.”
The image, which has been posted online, shows Courtney grabbing Frank’s crotch with her right hand while he looks shocked.
He added: “Her hand is very clearly – like, there’s a photo of Courtney Love with her hand squeezing my balls basically.”
But when asked by his podcast guest, 37-year-old musician Nahko Bear — who has been accused of sexual abuse but denies the allegations – asked if Frank wanted to “cancel” Courtney, he replied the idea to “go after her” would “never cross (his) mind”.
He added: “She’s a rock star in my head. Not to justify or say it’s OK, but in my head, that would never cross my mind to do that.”
However, he wondered whether the conversation was still worth having for the mere fact that “she’s a woman” and he’s “a man.”
Frank added in a long Instagram post alongside a clip from his podcast that he didn’t want to “come off as a victim”.
Page Six said in a report on his claim Courtney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.