Courtney Love owes over 2m in back taxes

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Courtney Love owes almost $2.4 million in back taxes.
The 57-year-old singer has five outstanding debts dating between 2017 to 2021, with three liens from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) totalling $1.9 million, and the rest of the money owed to the State of California.
A clerk at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's office confirmed to The Sun US that all of the liens remain outstanding and are unpaid.
The Hole frontwoman - who was previously married to late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain - recently admitted she has been an "overspender", which she attributed to her addictive personality.
She wrote in an article for the Financial Times newspaper: "Financial literacy is one of the most critical things an artist can have. But it seems scary. It's scary understanding my fault in all this - in acknowledging my overspending.
"It isn't a big secret that I suffer from the disease of addiction - in particular, financial stress tends to make me go cuckoo-bananas if I'm triggered by it. A lot of musicians and poets are afflicted with addiction."
And Courtney recalled comparing notes with Lenny Kravitz and being stunned at how much more financially responsible he was.
She added: "I remember, at the height of being a rock star, I was able to buy a property in Manhattan and I was so proud – and it turned out that Lenny had bought the penthouse. I was like, 'How come I’m buying this, which is a ninth of what he can afford?'
"So I grilled him for hours. It turns out he pays a very small amount a month to pretty much the only honest firm in town – in LA anyway.
"And he enjoyed going through his receipts. And there’s me – how many years have I said, “No, I don’t need the receipt.” Take the receipt! It’s just holistic."

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